Black Bear

Eastern North Carolina has the largest Black Bears on Earth.   We have some of the best locations to get our clients a trophy bear.  Still hunting is available, but there is nothing more exciting than being in close proximity with a trophy bear with the use of hounds.  We have some of the best hounds men in the industry to ensure you have a safe and successful hunt.  This hunt is sure to get your adrenaline pumping and the experience is something that any dangerous game hunter will enjoy. 

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RW offers small groups to experience some of the best deer hunting that is available in North Carolina.  NC allows hunters to legally bait and harvest six deer per season.  We have a quality management program that has been implemented on our property that has enabled us to harvest some nice trophies. Bow and cross bow hunting is our specialty.   We like hunting early season when the bucks have not been pressured and are holding in bachelor groups.    Our clients are totally informed about their hunt and the tactic that we are using to deciphering the feeding and travel corridors between the bottom land hardwoods and agriculture fields.   

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RRW is located in the most populated area of Eastern Wild Turkeys in the South East United States.  We tailor to small groups and only hunt four days a week to minimize pressure. This allows our clients to experience lots of action and the best case scenario for harvesting a mature gobbler.  Most of our guides are competition callers that have won state championships and other calling competitions. Our guides are safe, energetic and knowledgeable and will work diligently to ensure you have a safe and successful hunt.   All packages include lodging.  Transportation to and from RDU International Airport is available at a minimal fee. 

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Eastern NC Big Game

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